Ephrata Cloister

June 27, 2020 ~ 9am-4pm

Free Entry ~ Rain/Shine

632 W. Main Street, Ephrata, PA 17522

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Freas Farm Winery is focused on serving high quality farm to table wines. Their main location is in Berwick, PA.

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Making life bright. B-Squared Tie-Dye offers fun, colorful clothing and accessories as well as workshops and parties



A family tradition for nearly 80 years combined, they have produced top of the line, Pennsylvania German inspired redware from traditional reproductions to their own designs. They create pieces ranging from handmade figurines to sliptrailed and sgraffitoed plates, vessels and slab built works of art. They constantly strive for perfection on every piece from their special orders to their one-of-a-kind, museum quality pieces.



Tracy is a self-taught blacksmith artist who creates art from recycled materials. He uses, repurposes, or upcycles discarded material, old rusty tools and unique pieces of metal, then gives them a new life. He uses a forge, anvil, hand tools and where needed a welder. Just like in nature these creations are unique and no two are identical. His recent creations are stamped with a Celtic ruin meaning “Joy”. He hopes these unique creations bring “Joy” to you as much as they do to him.



Born in Chester County in 1951, Bill Kassel considers himself to be a Contemporary Realist. He started painting around the age of 12 and developed his interest in painting through his high school art classes. His passion for painting was fueled by other Chester Country arts and the works of Norman Rockwell inspired him. He also has a passion for Colonial Williamsburg and other historical sites. As an artist, he is inspired by everything around him. He is fascinated by the hidden color and textures that can be found in light and shadow. A primary goal of his art is to bring awareness to the wonderful world that surrounds us. He tries to capture this vision in his paintings so others can see the beauty as he sees it. His subject matter is primarily from the Chester, Berks and Lebanon County areas of Pennsylvania. While he sometimes works with acrylics & oil, his favorite medium is gouache because of its versatility. He mainly works with gouache and watercolors. A graduate of Hussian School of Art in Philadelphia, his works are included in many collections throughout the east coast.



Gina Struebel specializes in one of-a-kind sculpted and woven wire art jewelry. Her pieces are inspired by nature and created to highlight the beauty of natural gemstones. She uses many different gauges of wire and cold fusion techniques such as coiling, weaving, wrapping and sculpting wire into beautiful one of kind wearable art jewelry. Her jewelry is handmade using natural gemstone and bead components, artisan custom cut cabochons, and copper, bronze, silver or gold wire along with handmade charms and findings. Her pieces have an elegant blend of traditional and contemporary designs, some delicate, some big and bold. She has been passionate about the arts all her life. Working in many mediums including drawing, painting, photography and graphic design. The love of design and art finally led her to working with metals, gemstones, beads and other mixed media components for jewelry.”I love the spontaneous nature of wire wrapping, I let the wire and gemstones (or mood) speak and guide me into what’s to come and finding the perfect balance in the final creation. Working with wire and metal has been a fascinating and rewarding journey; I have finally found my passion!”



A self-taught artist who began with no talent for drawing, Bruce Garrabrandt’s passionate desire to learn the skills needed and his willingness to work through frustrations and setbacks, eventually enabled him to become a professional artist. He attended the University of Delaware as an English major and worked in Advertising after graduation, but his heart was not in the work. At age 36, he began a part-time business as an artist. Six years later, he jumped into it full-time and never looked back. He finds it fun to create “random acts of artistic nonsense” and is more convinced than ever that humor is our cosmic night-light because it touches emotions we all share. Writer O. Henry said that life consists of smiles, sniffles and sobs-with sniffles predominating. In Bruce’s own small way, he hopes to increase the percentage of smiles by offering his whimsical wildlife drawings as a partial antidote to the six o’clock news.



In her work, Lynn Anderson uses items often walked over or destined for the dustbin. Her main line of jewelry centers around genuine sea glass that has been sure, sand and salt-water tumbled for 50-100 years. All of her sea glass has been hand collected from beaches all along the Atlantic, and Pacific coasts of the United States as well as Puerto Rico, Bermuda, some island in the Caribbean and from bodies of water in Europe like the Mediterranean and the Adriatic Seas. Back in her studio in Southeastern Pennsylvania, she creates one-of-a-kind statement pieces – necklaces, pendants and earrings – each one being a unique creation. She sometimes mixes her sea glass with beads, often handmade by other artisans, and uses various wiring techniques. Another element that she uses in her jewelry is chipped or broken pieces of china and plates. She mostly works in vintage and older china, but modern plates sometimes “make the cut” too. She welcomes custom chipped work form people who want to preserve a small piece of their Grandmother or loved one for years to come. She designs jewelry for the woman who appreciates distinctive pieces and expects to be complimented on her accessories.



Patti Umlauf has been designing and sculpting with polymer clay for over 30 years concentrating on seasonal pieces. In the past few years, she has focused her polymer sculptin on Birds of Pennsylvania and Birds of the Eastern Shore. She does still offer sheep and miniatures.



Gary Rosborough has been following in the tradition of those who have gone on before him by creating hand carved sculptures of birds, pigs, cats, dogs and much more. Gary is a juried member of the PA Guild of Craftsmen and has been selected for the Early American Life Magazine’s Directory of Traditional American Crafts for 2019. His designs have their foundations in Pennsylvania’s past carving masters and their contemporaries. You will find bird trees and other whimsical creations that are from his imagination with historical references from the past. The appeal of his folk art is in the indescribable features of the uniqueness, authenticity as well as the techniques that have been handed down from generations of those who have gone on before. More information and pictures can be found at www.PATradFolkArt.com.



Lori started making fused glass jewelry about five years ago after taking a class at a local bead shop. She was immediately hooked on the endless possibilities of what could be created. Lori works primarily with dichroic glass which is made by adding a thin film of metallic oxides to the glass, producing shifting colors depending on the angle of view. The glass for each piece is hand cut, kiln-fired to about 1400 degrees and then slowly cooled to produce the colorful and unique pieces shown. Recently, she has started to combine the dichroic glass with metals such as copper, silver or silver clay to add another dimension to the jewelry. All of her pieces are handmade – each one is unique – and sometimes a surprise!



Nancy Landis is a Lancaster county native who specializes in traditional Pennsylvania German Fraktu. This colonial art form began in the southeastern counties of Pennsylvania, and is a blend of European illuminated wrtiting and folk art imagery. Often, frakturs are created as certificates to commemorate births, baptisms, weddings or other life milestones. Other times they impart wisdom and humor or showcase genealogical history. Nancy met and fell in love with this art form during her years as a museum educator at Landis Valley Museum. She has been creating customized frakturs since 2004. Nancy uses traditional methods for her art; dip ink pen and watercolor on archival watercolor paper. She received her degree in art from Allegheny College and her teaching certification from Millersville University. Her artwork can be seen at www.NancyLandis.com.



Featuring a large selection of handcrafted soaps, the finest ingredients are used in all of there products. All of their soaps include Goat’s Milk, Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter for an extremely moisturizing bar of soap. They offer over 30 unique scents and some specialty soaps like Himalayan salt bars, beer soaps, shaving soap, wine scented soaps, Aloe Vera soaps and castile. All of their friends, family and customers describe their soaps as, “Awesome”.



Acrylic, hand re-touched prints of Victoria’s original works of art.



Centuries ago, before paper or plastic, Japanese merchants used woven fabrics to artfully wrap items. This art of Furoshiki is the basis for the Lisa’s Gone Shopping Cross Body Tote Bags. Each bag is created from a whole square of 100% cotton fabric, folded, knotted, fluffed and presented as a unique alternative to unattractive plastic grocery bags. Lisa’s Classic bag is designed to be carried by hand or on the shoulder. The Cross Body style uses the classic style with a hand-knotted strap. The bags are not sewn; Lisa simply finishes the raw edges with a hem to eliminate fraying and to make the bag pleasing to the eye. The strap on the Cross Body style is sewn, but is attached to the bag in keeping with Furoshiki styling. Since her bags do not have sewn seams, they are very strong. The bag itself is based on a triangle of fabric, utilizing the strength of the weave “on the bias.” The bags are washable, reusable and lightweight. Lisa will re-tie any bag after it is washed, if necessary! A business card with all of her contact information is included with each purchase!



Authors Lawrence Knorr and John L. Moore will be on-site to sell and sign copies of their latest books. Knorr is the editor of the second edition of Arthur Graeff’s Conrad Weiser: Pennsylvania Peacemaker. Graeff was a  longtime resident of the Robesonia area and the author of Scholla, a long-running column in the Reading Times  George M. Meiser, IX, also added an afterword about his good friend and mentor. John L. Moore is the author of numerous books on regional history including eight in the Frontier Pennsylvania series and three in the Revolutionary Pennsylvania series. He often appears in character as Susquehanna Jack. Moore is a long-time resident of Northumberland, Pennsylvania.



Margaret DeCook is a fiber artist living in Allentown, PA. She loves to make things with her hands. Her fabric wrapped bowls and baskets are made from vintage, up-cycled and quilt fabrics. All are handmade combining fabrics from small to grand. You will find they are decorative as well as functional art in your home.



Founder and owner Joel Hildebrand is a Lancaster native who spent almost a decade abroad learning unique styles in both throwing and firing pottery. A sought-after local potter, Joel has hosted several auctions featuring his own pottery. Joel, his wife Charity, and their five kids live in Denver, PA.

Fused Glass


Kisatchie Studio’s loves nature. They live in it.  They study it.  A walk in the woods, mornings on the beach, a cup of coffee, and a bit of whimsy can be found in all of their work. They make fused glass items for body, mind, and home. They specialize in barrettes, suncatchers, flower wall pockets, and air plant holders. Most are unique pieces of affordable, functional art. Barrettes are made with a variety of techniques ranging from sand blasting to the use of real plants. They combine graphics & their photography with glass for an old-timey look. Their suncatchers are designed to brighten the day. Some are just plain goofy. Others combine colorful glass, wire work, and crystals. Bring nature indoors with their flower wall pockets that come in a variety of colors & sizes. Their distinctive air plant holders are for Tillandsia enthusiasts. They are a fusion of abstract glass art, wire work, and nature. Kisatchie Studio makes something for everyone.



Dance of Life Oil Lamps are made by Karen Sensenig, in her home pottery studio. She began exploring pottery in 2015, discovered joy at the wheel, and began making calming oil lamps. They sold quickly and Karen realized the longing in people’s lives for a place of stillness in our whirling world. These lamps provide a place to breathe, to rejuvenate. Watch the slow dance of one, two and three flames around the rim of the lamp. The flames are always changing, in their mesmerizing movements. Dance of Life Oil Lamps have been used for individual mindfulness, a group focal point, gifts at meaningful milestones, and as a welcome or farewell in organizations such as churches and schools.



Woodturned pens, backscratchers and more.



Conceptual designers Denise Devine Koller & Renee Devine Tracey (sisters) have over 40 yrs. of designing experience. Their name originated from their maiden name “Devine” and their goal is to offer you heavenly, divine, one of a kind quality jewelry, accessories and clothing at affordable prices! Some of their jewelry designs include, earrings, pendants, necklaces and bracelets. They also create beautiful silk and wool blend scarves, shawls, scharfs (cross between a scarf and a shawl), ponchos, jackets and vests.



John Stevens was born and raised in northern Maryland near the Mason Dixon line. An early interest in photography led John to spend much of his youth exploring and photographing the old barns, mills and farm houses that dotted the Maryland-Pennsylvania Mason Dixon region. Primarily self-taught, John credits the time spent as a youth photographing and developing pictures in the dark room with helping him develop a strong sense of composition, and a good understanding of dark and light values that are so evident in the watercolors he paints today. A high school drafting class introduced the young student to two and three point perspective, thus forming the final leg in the stool that lead the artist to begin experimenting with drawing and painting. Stevens work is noted for its uncommon attention to detail and his ability to pull the viewer into the painting , often leaving the viewer with a sense of deeper understanding about the subject matter. John’s work hangs in many corporate and private collections across the United States. John and his wife, Sarah, own the historic 1770 Nolts Mill located in the heart of the Amish tourism area of Lancaster, Pa., which has been renovated and now serves as a gallery of their work.



Hand-painted, reverse glass paintings, engraved flags, hand painted/finished signs, table-tops and engraved Hex signs.

Kids Corner




Northeast & Central Pennsylvania quality farm to table wine located in Berwick. They believe to make great wine they must take an equal responsibility for the lands they steward, as well as the community. They feel that producing wine and raising a glass is a cultural ritual that fosters friendship, joins the arts, brings families together and unites communities.



Serving Chicken sandwich, chicken tenders, fries, coleslaw, soda, water.



They give you the best bite for the buck. They have Italian and Polish sausages, Philly cheese steaks, hot dogs, burgers, gyros, Mac & Cheese and more! They have everything you could want to eat and at reasonable prices.

Specialty Drinks


Serving hot and iced coffee; espresso drinks; smoothies; hot chocolate; frozen hot chocolate; hot, iced or frozen chai; frozen lemonade; fresh made juices; fresh brewed iced tea; hot tea; sweet tea.


Celtic Harp


Cathleen has been a freelance musician for over 20 years. She has provided musical entertainment for countless events from weddings to historical reenactments. Specializing in traditional Celtic music from the British Isles, she adds a touch of old world charm to any occasion. Cathleen also plays a penny whistle, hammered dulcimer, bodhran and other percussion instruments though the Celtic harp is her true love. She performs both as a solo artist and as a member of several ensembles and harp orchestra.

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